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LegalShield offers legal service plans for small businesses, start-ups, new businesses and home-based businesses.

Each one gives assistance often needed by small business of varying sizes.



I owned a small business in Chapel Hill, NC for years and I needed help with many legal issues.


Have You Ever...


Started a new business?

Needed contracts reviewed?

Needed collections assistance?

Needed lawsuit defense?

Needed IRS audit assistance?

Had Employee issues?

Worried about Regulations and Compliance?

Had Unemployment problems?

Had Intellectual Property questions?

Had tax questions?





Also, had I only known about LegalShield then, I could've used:


Business consultation from a consulting firm,

Online classes

A website, website builder and hosting included

A FAQ section

Listing on a business directory

Articles and video library





So many times just having advice on a particular issue can save money, time and heartache. Most small business

owners know what they do very well, but there are still the other business aspects that must be addressed for a

successful business.



The low cost legal service plans from LegalShield which also give entrepreneurs business consulting, a web presence

and many other advantages enable small businesses to become successful no matter what stage of growth they are in


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