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The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall helps small business owners with everything they need when opening a small business in the triangle.  From the beginning stages of a business license or a business permit to legal planning or CPA services, sbbsm can travel alongside you on your journey to opening the doors and beyond.  We are always thinking about small business.  We help small businesses be successful by first listening to their needs and then, providing money saving solutions to those challenges.  At the beginning stages of starting a business, this means making sure you have all pertinent information enabling you to make educated decisions and informing you of what effects those choices will have on how you operate.  If you need help, sbbsm can assist you with how to open a business.

Business License or Business Permit


If you are starting a new business or purchasing an existing business in the triangle, we have compiled a complete list of the licenses or permits you need which can be different in each city.  We can also link you to the official sites for each city.  Many of the items you need are determined by how your business is structured and what services or products you offer.  So, if you need the planning department, building, zoning, tax, license, permit, fire, or sanitation, The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall can help you get started with everything you need in place.



All the business services you may need are here for you.  The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall provides every business service at a price you can afford.   Each of our experts has a proven track record of high quality service.  We are determined to do our part to help this country regain a thriving economy and our commitment to small business is evident every time we provide service to a client.



If you want to provide any traditional benefits to your employees, we can help with business consulting that will guide you to a benefits plan to fit your employees’ needs and business budget.  And, if you need to wait to offer any benefits to the employee at the company’s expense, we have many voluntary benefits which are no-out-of-pocket-cost to the business.  To help you attract good employees and retain existing employees, we will offer all our services to them as a benefit for working for your business.  This way, you have an attractive benefits package to offer even if the business is not ready for the high cost of paying for benefits.

The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall, we are experts making success affordable.

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