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 Payroll Services



 Simplify payroll management once and for all, with PrimePay's smart payroll packages that allow you to choose the type of customized service that your company needs.  We offer payroll packages designed to work in line with whatever level of involvement makes sense for your business.

We provide scalable payroll at the right price, whether you have one employee or 1,000. Select the right level of involvement and then choose a corresponding payroll package to jumpstart your solution.

Step 1:
Choose Your Level of Involvement

Full Service

Complete Payroll Services with Payroll Specialist Assistance from Start to Finish

PrimePay's dedicated payroll specialists can provide full-service payroll management while learning all the details of your business and offering unmatched availability. PrimePay's payroll-specialist assisted choice offers payroll entry options by phone, email and fax. This includes payroll processing, comprehensive payroll tax filing, new hire reporting and delivery.

Self Service / Web Service

The Convenient Way to Handle Payroll According to Your Schedule

Save time and enjoy total flexibility with PrimePay's web payroll system. Enter and manage payroll data online from a PC or laptop via a secure web browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enjoy unlimited access to all of your payroll reports, process payroll with the click of your mouse, plus get hassle-free payroll tax filing, new hire reporting and on-time delivery.

Step 2:
Select the Right Payroll Package

Payroll Essentials - PrimePay's Standard Payroll Program

Payroll By Design - Build Your Own Payroll Program

Paperless Payroll - Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Payroll Program

Payroll Essentials

Everything needed to handle basic payroll services from start to finish

Our standard payroll plan sets you up with the fundamental payroll services that can lighten your administrative workload and get your business moving in the right direction. Payroll Essentials includes:

  • Employee payroll checks and earning statements

  • Payroll timesheet, journal, tax summary and departmental summary

  • Payroll deduction reports, terminated employee listing, and new hire reports

  • Federal, state and local tax filing and payments

  • Quarterly Federal, State and Local tax returns

  • Annual Federal, State and Local tax returns

  • Quarterly Federal Unemployment tax deposits

  • Annual Federal Unemployment tax return

  • Year-end W-2 processing and filing

  • Multiple Delivery Options

  • Online Document Center

  • PrimeXports - Reports via email

Payroll By Design

Customized payroll services designed to handle specific client requirements

Enjoy all the benefits of Payroll Essentials customized with additional services that are in line with your business needs. Payroll By Design allows you to pick and choose services like direct deposit and payroll cards as well as add things like labor distribution reports or general ledger reports to help you analyze the profitability of your business.

Bundle Additional Elements Like:

  • Check signing and inserting

  • Direct deposit

  • CPA report packages

  • Online pay statements

  • Payroll cards

  • General ledger report

  • Labor distribution report

  • Workers' compensation report

  • 401(k) report

  • And more!

Paperless Payroll

Our GREEN eco-friendly payroll solution

Go green with environmentally-friendly payroll from PrimePay. Our 100% paperless option lets you handle all payroll details online from your PC or laptop... enter payroll data, submit your payroll for processing and access all of your payroll documents and tax returns. Easily manage your reports through Online Document Center, ensure timely delivery with direct deposit and pre-loaded payroll cards and reduce the risk of identity theft through online pay statements.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Payroll Essentials Plus:

  • Direct deposit

  • CPA report packages

  • Online pay statements

  • Payroll cards


HR & Workforce Services

Workforce Services Coordinate with Payroll to Make a Difference in Your Bottom Line

When it comes to your business and the valuable services that allow you to operate more smoothly, why not get them all from one dedicated source? These include methods to uncover hidden tax liabilities, improve cash flow, and how to hire and retain quality employees. PrimePay works directly with small and medium-sized businesses to increase efficiency and simplify many of the daily clerical burdens so you experience a profit increase and can accomplish more.

HR, Payroll & Benefits System

Do You Need:

  • Seamless integration between HR, payroll and benefits?

  • Single data entry into one system that feeds HR changes into payroll?

  • Employee self-service to expedite benefit enrollment & manage personal data?

Streamline Your HR Processes - Improve efficiencies and reduce administrative costs with one integrated HR, payroll and benefits system.

Time & Attendance Systems

Do You Need:

  • Progressive ways to track employee hours & productivity?

  • A plan to maintain a superior staff?

  • Ways to prevent time fraud within your business?

Increase Workplace Efficiency - Maximize employee time and enhance your bottom line.

HR & Benefits Library

Do You Need:

  • Automation of your Human Resources processes?

  • Support with employee conduct issues?

  • Streamlining of employee benefits & management?

Avoid Employee Compliance Issues - Eliminate HR roadblocks and stay up-to-date on benefit regulations.

Pre-Employment Screening

Do You Need:

  • Ways to eliminate the risks of fraud and violence at your organization?

  • Options to safely and legally screen potential employees?

  • Opportunities to reform your hiring process?

Lower Your Employee Turnover Rate - Locate the best candidates for your business and start building your team.

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