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Important Benefits of Virtual Medical Health Care or Telemedicine in Raleigh/Durham/Apex


     Virtual medical health care or telemedicine is here.  We should all examine the concept because it is needed, and even more so now with health care reform.  According to the US Congressional Budget Office, by 2014 health care reform will increase the number of insured by 32 million.  Undoubtedly, this will put more burden on an already strained health care system, especially ER’s and urgent care medical facilities.  Now more than ever, something is needed to give small business owners and their employees relief from the increased cost, time, and inconvenience of health care without jeopardizing quality and safety.  If you need to ask a doctor or find a doctor for non-critical emergency room situations, virtual health services can be your online solution.

     Here are some of the most important benefits and reasons telemedicine or virtual medical care can assist small business owners with providing quality health care to their employees.

·         Save money

o   An emergency room visit cost an average of $2028 according to Stat Doctors and 70% of ER visits are non-emergencies.  Virtual medical health care can relieve some of the burden placed on hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. Hospitals can easily lose money on patients visiting the ER for colds, minor burns, rashes, and asthma; they’d rather save that time, manpower, and space for more serious emergencies.  Also, even with health insurance a visit to the ER can be an expensive ordeal for a patient. 

·         Save time

o   We all know “time is money” and virtual health care saves time in many different ways.

§  Have you ever waited to be seen in an emergency room?  With virtual medical care, a patient is normally seen 3 times as fast as in an emergency room.  Now, a patient can receive almost immediate medical assistance online.

§  No matter where you are (home, vacation, work, rural areas) you can receive medical attention almost immediately.  No more traveling for medical assistance on minor health issues.

§  Parents or guardians don’t have to miss lots of time from work taking a child or love one to the emergency room for minor emergencies; and, kids don’t have to miss their activities because they haven’t been seen by a doctor.

·         Convenience and Flexibility

o   The convenience and flexibility alone make virtual medical care a no-brainer for small business owners and their employees.  Use it anywhere anytime.

·         Quality Care

o   Make sure the virtual health care service you choose uses only quality medical professionals, preferably medical doctors.    With Stat Doctors, you can be certain you are always talking with an actual medical doctor and not a nurse or other health professional.  Stat Doctors can make a virtual house call so a patient can actually see the doctor he is speaking with and the doctor can see the patient.   Stat Doctors can even give prescriptions utilizing their eservices.

     So, beyond the advantages mentioned above, virtual medical health care can help reduce employee absenteeism and costs of health insurance as well as increase employee productivity and morale.  Virtual medical health care can save lives.  Many patients wait until a problem grows to become a more serious condition before they will be seen by a physician.  With virtual medical health services like Stat Doctors, patients can cost effectively, and conveniently be seen by a qualified medical doctor right in the comforts of their home or office; thereby, negating all the usual obstacles for seeing a physician.  Stat Doctors gives you a virtual house call for only $50 per visit including a follow-up.  This can be paid directly by the employee, by the employer or a combination of the two.  There is a monthly service fee paid by the employer.

     If you have any questions or you want to know more about telemedicine or Stat Doctors and how they can help you and/or your employees, please contact David Newton at 919-302-8849, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the contact page. 





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