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Telemedicine:  Employee Benefits; Health Care in Durham/Chapel Hill/Apex



     Telemedicine is a great voluntary employee benefit small business owners can offer to their employees in Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex and surrounding cities.  There is little cost to the employer and the employees only pay when they use the service. 



 Benefits to the small business owner

  • Helps attract and retain quality employees


  • Promotes positive morale and environment in the work place


  • Business becomes more competitive


  • Reduces health insurance cost


  • Reduces employee absenteeism


Benefits to the employee

  • Saves money
    • Only $50 per visit
    • Employee doesn't have to miss lots of time at work which can lead to loss wages
    • No travel expense


  • Saves time
    • Less time spent to see a doctor
      • Many employees may need to travel 30-40 minutes to an emergency room or family doctor
      • Telemedicine through Stat Doctors lets you see a doctor in about 8 minutes
    • No long waiting periods in an emergency room
    • Employees don't wait to see a doctor until their condition has developed into a more serious condition(this also saves money in health care)


  • Convenient
    • You can use telemedicine from Stat Doctors 24/7 and wherever you are.  You just need access to a computer or phone.  At Home; At Work; On Vacation


  • Available for Entire Family
    • An employee's entire family can use telemedicine from Stat Doctors.  Employees pay only when they use the services.


  • No Qualification
    • Every employee is eligible to use telemedicine from Stat Doctors.  You don’t have to worry about some employees being turned down or getting rated higher.


     Because of its low cost, telemedicine from Stat Doctors is still a great value, even in conjunction with traditional health insurance.  However, if a small business can’t afford to offer traditional health insurance to its employees, telemedicine from Stat Doctors is a cost effective way to show your employees you care about their well-being.  If you have questions about how to protect your employees and thus your business with Stat Doctors’ services, please contact David Newton at 919-302-8849 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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