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Identity Theft Protection in Raleigh/Durham-Chapel Hill/Apex



A friend of mine was in great need of identity theft protection after her car was broken into while she worked out in a nearby fitness center in Durham.  This identity theft incident occurred in the RTP area so it was not in a “bad” neighborhood.  The identity thieves broke the passenger side window so as not to set off the burglar alarm.  They were in and out in a matter of about 2 minutes.  We know that because there were witnesses to the incident.  They stole her purse and laptop.  Both, of course, were filled with lots of personally identifiable information.

The thieves immediately stopped at a nearby gas station to try to us a credit card to purchase gas.  Luckily, they could not because they did not have the correct zip code.  After trying several cards, they gave up.  She still had to get a new drivers license, social security card, new credit cards and laptop.  But, it could have been a lot worse.

Here is a tip: 

>Don’t leave your purse, laptop, or any other items that may be tempting to id theft criminals in plain sight in you vehicle.  You should put these items in the trunk of your car.  And, put these items in the trunk when you are getting into your car, not after you have arrived at your destination and getting out of the vehicle.

She felt very vulnerable until she remembered she had LegalShield’s Identity Theft Protection Plan.  She called Kroll and they put a fraud alert on her credit so no one could open a new account in her name.  They are also monitoring her credit report and all the sites criminals use to buy and sell credit cards and other stolen personally identifiable information.  This was truly a traumatic experience for her, but it could have cost her much more time, money and heartache.  She can now feel reasonably comfortable knowing someone is watching for any misuse of her identity, credit, or other information.  And, it is rewarding for me knowing I introduced her to LegalShield.

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