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The Top Reasons "Why AAA and LegalShield?" Compared



These are 2 of the best memberships offered, ever.  I am going to compare some of the main features and goals of the AAA and LegalShield membership plans.

AAA protects your Car?  LegalShield protects your legal rights?  Yes, but:

·         Time

·         Money

·         Vulnerability

While AAA is designed to mainly to offer roadside assistance, LegalShield offers legal help or aid for all legal issues.

Both LegalShield and Triple A offer their membership plans at an incredibly low price.  AAA’s Premier Level Plan is only $89 per year.  LegalShield’s Family Plan is only $204 per year, but covers the member, a spouse, and up to 4 kids.  The value in each is unmatched. 

With AAA, you get the towing along with many other services and discounts, but it also protects your time(you immediately have a 1-800 number to call no matter where you are) and money(in Raleigh,Durham, Chapel Hill, or Apex one tow could cost $80-$150).

Legalshield provides many legal services such as a will, legal advice and letters, document review and IRS audit assistance at just the cost of the membership.  In addition, LegalShield saves you time because you have the number of your law office or law firm and they can quickly connect you with the appropriate attorney for your legal issue.  Even the legal issues not stated in your membership plan are covered at a discounted rate.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness when you are stranded on the side of the road?  And then, you begin to worry about the cost.  Ever felt so violated or taken advantage of when you know your legal rights have been rendered nonexistent because of the cost associated with protecting them?  Well, this is really what AAA and LegalShield offer, peace of mind and worry-free living.  That is what makes AAA and LegalShield the best membership plans ever.

For more information about AAA visit  If you have any questions or would like to find out more about LegalShield and what the plans cover, visit or call David Newton at 919-302-8849.




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