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      The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall helps small businesses grow and become more successful by providing vital business services, and resources and offering an array of benefits to their employees, all while maintaining the highest level of service.  We are the small business concierge providing affordable professional services for small businesses throughout the triangle.  We at sbbsm, can handle all your outsourcing needs.  Our service area includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Hillsborough and surrounding cities in the triangle. Here at sbbsm, you can shop for affordable benefits and services easily in one location.  So, if you are self employed or you own your business, sbbsm can help.


     Most agree small businesses drive the economy; therefore, their success is key to a strong US and world economic recovery.  We not only believe this, but we play an active role catering directly to small businesses.  The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall fosters positive, meaningful relationships with businesses to give them the personal attention and commitment they deserve.  Why not?  If we truly believe small businesses are the catalysts for the kind of economy in which our kids will have to survive, we should cherish and support the self employed and small businesses no matter the size. 

     We know there are proven strategies for small business success and we give them time to do just that.  Since money is one of the major issues for a small business owner, we offer multiple solutions saving on products and services while still benefiting from partnering with a quality driven company.  In our business model, all monies that the vendor would normally pay to this service are paid to the customer in the form of reduced rates.  No payments are made to sbbsm by the vendor or customer.  Call on us and actually experience the service you receive from a company that understands just how important you are.

       We offer affordable business services that every business needs.   The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall provides property and casualty insurance,legal services,  liability insurance, unemployment insurance, public relations, security systems, payroll services, merchant services, business consultation services, catering, accounting services and more for small businesses.

     Small businesses present themselves as more progressive by offering essential, voluntary, and unique employee benefits through The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall.  This helps small businesses recruit and retain quality employees.  Because they offer the benefits employees request most often, small businesses are more attractive to potential and existing employees.  Some of these benefits include health and life insurance, financial planning, health and wellness programs, legal family plans, identity theft protection plans, security systems services, catering services, child care services and more. 

     While service remains key and customer satisfaction is a must, an added advantage of doing business with sbbsm is enjoying a substantial discount wherever possible.  All the companies are here to give you service above and beyond what's expected every time.  Our goal is to help small businesses succeed by providing solutions to all their most essential needs with a level of service that keeps them coming back for more.  To that end, we make sure our passion for a company's success is demonstrated by the quality of service we provide.

     So, if you want to know how to open a business, you are a new business, you need a business service, you are self-employed, or you own a business and you need employee benefits, sbbsm can help.  Call us at 919-302-8849 today or continue to our quick registration and we will contact you.  Thanks for visiting.



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