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 You need accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, HR, printing, it support, legal, catering and other business services.  Why outsource?


Saves Money

Rather than hiring a full time employee to complete a project, a small business owner can use their funds to hire someone to do a specific task.  This savings can be used to help build the business brand or to do more of what has made the business successful.


Focus on Core Activities

Outsourcing allows a small business to concentrate on those activities that really create revenue for the business.  Other services, while necessary , are not the core activity of the business and can be outsourced.



Some projects that a small business takes on may be very skill specific.  No full time employees may possess this skill.  This is a perfect situation to outsource for that particular skill set. 


Reduced Overhead

Overhead cost of performing certain office functions or new services can be extremely high.  Outsourcing allows you to perform those back-office functions or to offer those new services without paying for more office space, new equipment or moving to a new location.


Operational Control

When the cost of certain operations within a small business become too great and no longer make sense to perform, outsourcing can be a solution.  Often, a company who specializes in a specific task can perform that task much more cost effectively than a small business whose core activity is something different.


Frequency of Projects

A small business can accept multiple projects they otherwise would not have been able to if all services were done in house.  By outsourcing some services or whole projects, the business can take on more jobs frequently.


Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing allows a small business to handle peak loads during seasonal periods.  Simply put, when you need more help you outsource for it and when not, you are not overstaffed.


Continuity and Risk Management

A loss of certain staff members or multiple staff members in a short period of time could jeopardize continuity and service quality.  Outsourcing for these services would allow a small business to continue to operate without a loss of standard.


Being Competitive

Small businesses can compete with larger companies by outsourcing certain services to very skilled individuals who have years of experience.  This alliance can increase the credibility of the small business in its client's view.


Develop Internal Staff

In order to complete some projects, a small business owner may need to outsource for a specific skill set.  If that individual is brought on-site, your other employees can work alongside that individual and acquire a new skill set.

  As you have seen, outsourcing can be the solution to many challenges a small business faces.  There are many outsourcing advantages especially when you choose a qualified, local business.  We at sbbsm, can make the process of outsourcing easy and efficient.  Business outsourcing made simple; you choose to outsource the work and we provide the outsourcing solutions.  We service all areas of the triangle including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Hillsborough, and Holly Springs.



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