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Vendor Management



     The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall serves small business owners and their employees in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Apex and other parts of the triangle.  We are a vendor management company who provides a satisfaction assurred experience through cultivated relationships with reputable service providers.  We also have a unique business model designed to support and benefit the small business owner or the self-employed.  No monies are paid for this service by the client or vendor.  Instead of paying anything to this service, sbbsm, any payments that would normally be paid to such a service are paid to the customer in the form of reduced charges.  This in turn,  brings every client the highest quality products and services at a reduced cost creating the best "value" no matter the client's need.  All vendors are local.

     Our vendors have gone through extensive evaluation after first assuming a client is located in the triangle and has 0 to 200 employees with our niche being 10-50 employees.  Performing evaluations, our service management team considered:

  • analysis of business requirement skills
  • defined goods and services
  • technical capabilities and preparedness
  • client requirements
  • communication protocol
  • vendor requirements
  • pricing advantage
  • background and reputation
  • business practices and methodologies
  • performance and track record
     We can assist clients with structured practices they may not be accustomed to defining and identifying such as:
  • scope of work
  • expectations from client as well as vendor
  • performance indicators
  • ownership issues
  • insurance and bonding verifications
  • and more

How We Are Different is Why You Should Choose sbbsm

Cultivated Relationships With Vendors

Because of our relationships with our vendors, you are treated like a long time and valued customer.  You automatically get:

  • preferential treatment
  • access to insider knowledge
  • great prices
  • high quality assurance
  • best value

Vendors Are Available for Online Examination

We Perform Client Driven Job Completion Assessments

You Receive Member Loyalty Rates

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