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  Dental Insurance




  • Coverage for individuals 18 and over
  • No enrollment fees
  • The ability to choose any dentist
  • 2 exams per year
  • Up to $2000 annual maximum
  • 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee


You can choose any dentist for your dental care, but PrimeStar offers even greater savings when you choose a dentist through the MaxCare Network.

PrimeStar offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  Premium paid for your dental insurance is returned if you cancel in 30 days and you have not used any benefits.

PrimeStar can be used as a stand alone dental insurance or in conjunction with another dental plan.  Supplement your current dental plan because PrimeStar Dental Insurance can be applied to the portion of your dental cost not paid by another dental plan as long as it is for procedures covered by your PrimeStar Dental Insurance Plan.

Another great benefit of PrimeStar Dental Plans is you are covered right away.  There is no waiting period for these dental plans.  This can mean a real savings if you need procedures done now.

Take care of your dental health and choose PrimeStar Dental Insurance.

To see FAQ for PrimeStar Dental Plans visit Dental Plans.

 If you are a small business owner or employee in Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Raleigh or any surrounding communities, you can apply right now at dental insurance.

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