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Security Systems and Service


     Security systems and surveillance cameras are necessity for any traditional brick and mortar businesses as well as home based businesses.

 These devices protect sensitive company information, and inventory from external and internal shrinkage.

  Advantage Security is proud to partner with The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall to give business and homeowners throughout North Carolina the maximum advantage when it comes to security.  We understand how difficult it is for businesses to control their bottom line and maximize their profitability that is why we pass on our discounts from top security equipment manufacturers like Honeywell, and GE along to our clients allowing them to get the best value for the dollars.  

      Also, we never compromise on quality. Exceptional customer service begins with our detailed security needs analysis and quality installations.  We represent top tier alarm monitoring facilities, like ADT, which provide quick dispatch for police and medical emergency.   We also specialize in new technology that allows remote control of security devices through smart phone apps and the internet.

     Through our association with Newton Williams and Associates all new clients referred through this site will receive 100% rebate on $99 activation fee and a 50% discount on retail prices for additional equipment. For more details go to or call 919-949-9690.











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