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Stat Health Services

Stat Health Services Inc. is a leading e-health services company. Our STAT DOCTORS™ service provides a “virtual house call” and your employee’s immediate access to board certified emergency room physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of common minor medical conditions resulting in reduced emergency room and urgent care utilization.

 In addition to connecting a patient with a board certified ER physician, we offer our members electronic health records storage and maintenance and the electronic fulfillment of prescriptions. Our STAT DOCTORS service is optimized to use the Internet and advanced web-based and mobile technologies to deliver our e-health service.

Our national provider network is comprised of board certified emergency physicians to deliver the medical services under our STAT DOCTORS e-health service.  This high level of medical expertise and scale is unprecedented for the delivery of this type of service. We’ve validated that our medical team has the ability to dramatically increase the care and reduce your cost of service versus other options like an onsite clinic or a nurse help line.


STAT DOCTORS has been recognized nationally by multiple organizations for our business model and impact on the healthcare system. Recent highlights include recognition by the Center for Health Value Innovation and Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year for E-Health Services.



STAT DOCTORS provides a unique solution for employers. Twenty-three percent of all patients wait six days or more before seeking care. Many live in rural areas that would require extensive travel just to seek care. According to government estimates, more than 35 million Americans live in areas underserved by physicians. Only 30% of patients have same day access to care when they need to see a doctor. And for those who can arrange to be seen, 24% wait 30 minutes or longer in doctor waiting rooms. Patients are all too familiar with the time-consuming, inconvenientprocess of trying to get care. It is frustrating and costly for your employees. When morale suffers, so does performance.


The cost of an emergency room visit is an estimated $2,028. Over 66% of emergency room visits are for non-emergencies. And many visits to urgent care centers result in an additional visit to an emergency room. STAT DOCTORS brings a new approach to health care, leveraging the Internet and other secured, advanced technologies like electronic health records, ePrescribing and our online eVisit portal, to bring your employees a direct path to care - when and where they need it most. 






STAT DOCTORS provides a company’s employees with direct and immediate access to care for common, urgent medical issues. Whether at the office or on the road, at home or on vacation - your employees will enjoy the convenience of getting care when and where they need it.



Our Leadership Team


Our team is led by a highly experience group of physicians, healthcare delivery professionals and business executives. This team is responsible for execution on our strategic direction that focuses on solving the inefficiencies of the current healthcare system.




Alan C. Roga, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Director

John Barravecchia

Chief Financial Officer, Former CFO GE’s Capital Franchise Finance Division

Glen J. McCracken, M.D

Chief Medical Officer, , Practicing ED Physician and former President of Scottsdale Emergency Associates Ltd.

Richard D. Gottlieb

Director, former Chairman and CEO  of Lee Enterprises Inc.

Ken Biel

Director, CEO of iStream Financial

Jeffrey Rein

Director, Former CEO and Chairman of Walgreens  Corporation

Dominic Bagnoli, M.D

Director, Chairman of EMP Holdings




The Problem

A Strained Health Care Delivery System. In 2008, there were 123.8 million emergency room visits.The U.S. health care delivery system is strained. Based upon recent studies, the following are the major reasons:

·         There is a severe shortage of primary care physicians.

·         There is a dramatic increase in emergency room use.

·         Most patients visiting the emergency room have health insurance.

·         Most emergency room visits are for non-emergencies.

·         Privately insured patients choose the emergency room because of convenience and the lack of access to primary care physicians.

·         Emergency departments are becoming overcrowded and health care quality and patient safety are suffering.

Impact of Federal Health Care Reform. According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office by 2014 federal health care reform will increase the number of insured by about 32 million. This dramatic increase in insured individuals is expected to place additional strain on an already over-burdened health care delivery system, especially to ER’s across the country.

The Impact to your Business. Healthcare premiums continue to grow annually by double digit increases.  To stem these increases you must decide to either cut coverage options, ask your employees to share a larger portion of the burden or both! These changes in benefits are lowering the overall health care for your employees and higher utilization of more expensive treatment options like visits to ER’s and Urgent Care facilities.  Lowering the overall wellness of your employees and their families has a significant hard dollar impact to your bottom line but likely is dwarfed by impact of increased absenteeism and reduced employee productivity.


The Market Opportunity for E-Health Services
. We believe these deteriorating conditions create an excellent opportunity for e-health services. E-health services can provide companies and patients access to high quality care delivered by emergency medicine physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of urgent common minor medical conditions at a cost that is 1/10th the cost of an emergency room visit.  The advantages to this type solution are significant and easily integrated into a company’s existing benefits strategy.

Value proposition for your organization:

·         Save money – we can demonstrate overall savings on ER and Urgent Care visits in the range of 5 to 25% annually.

·         Reduce employee absenteeism – we have numerous client testimonials that validate our ability to help employees return to work faster in cases of their illness or that of a family member.

·         Increased employee productivity & satisfaction – there is no better way to demonstrate your concern for an employee’s well-being than by providing a higher level of service at a lower cost to them. Our solution coupled with or without a co-payment has the ability to do just that.

·         Easily to get started- we handle enrollment, materials and education of your employees on our service




Advantages of STAT DOCTORS™




  • Getting well faster through quicker access to a physician, diagnosis and prescription (if needed)
  • A more convenient way to access health care using computers and smart phones for e-medical consultations
  • A less costly way to access health care with affordable co-payments for medical consultations
  • A superior way to access health care with features such as online consultations, electronic health records, e-prescribing and evidenced-based discharge instructions and patient education materials
  • Patient satisfaction scores at national best practice levels or higher
  • Staffing solely with Board Certified Emergency Department physicians
  • Average response times less than 10 minutes.





  • Savings of 5% to 25% on existing ER and Urgent Care charges
  • A less costly way to provide employees and their families with access to quality care under employer sponsored health plans or health insurance plans
  • Reduced absenteeism as employees can access health care online instead of by visits to emergency rooms or urgent care centers
  • Improved employee morale


Technology Platform

Our technology platform is highly scalable and delivers the functionality that allows us to separate our offering from any other provider in the market.

·         Physicians are able to perform online medical consultations with our members for the diagnosis and treatment of urgent common minor medical conditions;

·         Patient interactions via internet, phone and mobile based technologies;

·         E-prescribing software to write and fulfill new prescriptions or renew  prescriptions of non-controlled substances, with prescriptions delivered electronically to their pharmacy of choice;

·         Members have electronic health records storage and maintenance services with the health records available for physicians to review before treatment and for the physicians to access to add progress notes following treatment; and

·         Physicians have access to evidenced-based discharge instructions and patient education materials, available in both English and Spanish, for use with patients following treatment.

·         Patients and Physicians can leverage mobile devices to facilitate treatment and diagnosis.


We continue to improve the technology delivery based upon patient feedback (all patients are called after each visit) and physician focus groups and feedback.  We never lose sight of our need to optimize for patient outcomes.

Our Clients

The value proposition of our solution is validated by numerous organizations that have deployed with us from small to large companies. We have industry leading satisfaction scores from individual patients to the administrators in healthcare facilities that are recognized nationally for their innovation in healthcare delivery.  We’ve demonstrated that the care of patients can be dramatically increased through the combination of innovative technology, a highly skilled ER physician pool and our unique treatment process that focus on the patients’ needs first and foremost.




STAT DOCTORS can treat many medical conditions that generally do not require a visit to the emergency room or urgent care center.

Among the most common are:

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Allergies
  • Colds and Flu
  • Sore Throats
  • "Pink eye" or Conjunctivitis
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Sprains & Strains (Minor Joint Trauma)
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Insect Bites
  • Skin Inflammations or Cellulitis
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea

And many other non-emergency illnesses!

If, during your STAT DOCTORS medical consultation, it is determined that you have symptoms of a medical condition requiring emergency care or which are not appropriately treated without an in-person physical examination, our STAT DOCTORS medical professionals will refer you to an emergency department of a nearby hospital or a nearby urgent care center.

For more information, please call David Newton at 919-302-8849 or you can reach us through the contact page.

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