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The Best Benefits Package for Small Businesses in Raleigh|Durham|Chapel Hill|Cary|Apex



     Why is the employee benefits package offered by The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall the best employee benefits program?  It’s because we offer not only all the essential benefits that employees need, but we provide many unique employee benefits that employees want.  Because all these benefits help to give an employee piece of mind, these benefits also make an employer’s life easier.  Offering the benefits provided at sbbsm help to make employees happier, healthier, and less stressed; and, these are the kind of employees that are not absent from work and are actually productive. 

     Employees that are happy at work also tend not to leave their companies for other jobs.  Because each employer and employee can choose exactly what programs they would like to participate in, these employee benefits can be offered at absolutely no cost to the business.  Examine the benefits below to see why you should let The Small Business Benefits and Services Mall help you with all your employee benefits needs in North Carolina.  We are adding more benefits as they grow organically. 

     Are you self employed?  Our benefits packages are completely voluntary so you can simply choose the benefits in which you would like to participate.  If you are shopping for the best benefits for the self employed, we have done the work for you. 




Common Employee Benefits

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. 401K
  4. Dental Insurance
  5. Vision Insurance
  6. Disability Insurance
  7. Supplemental Insurance
  8. Medicare Advantage Plans
  9. Medicare Supplement Plans
  10. Long Term Care Insurance

Unique Employee Benefits

  1. Legal Service Plans
  2. Telemedicine
  3. Wellness Programs
  4. Discount Programs
      • Real Estate Benefits
      • Maintenance Programs
      • Electrician
      • Chiropractor
      • Construction
      • Phone Systems
      • Security Systems and Services
      • CPA and Accounting Services
      • Child Care
      • Carpet Cleaning


If you need help with understanding Health Care Reform, call us.  We will send an agent out to explain it in a fashion you will understand.  Also, if you'd like us to help explain it to your employees, we are licensed by the Federal Government (#8556455) to assist employees with the Federal Exchange which is what North Carolina will be using.  There is no obligation for this service.  Call us today at 919-302-8849.



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